Original Sin Ranked Top Cider

OS was just ranked the top store bought cider by Topdust.com.  Check out this link to the top 10 list. 


1. Original Sin

It sounds cool to order. It tastes great to drink. The logo looks like it should be a band's album cover. Original Sin is just great. Another craft brew that slips sneakily in to this list, but darn it if I don't love it. The flavor is a perfect blend of tart, with just enough sweetness to keep it fun. Back when it was first made, the bottles had a paper snake logo hand wound around the bottle. As demand grew, this became impractical to do and the owner had to compromise with a slightly less awesome design, but the great flavor stayed. I mentioned that Doc's makes me feel grown up, and the new Woodchuck logo makes me feel childish. Original Sin makes me feel exactly the age I am. It's acerbic, yet yielding, almost watery in taste, and yet somehow full of flavor. This cider may well have been the reason Adam and Eve said yes to the snake. And I consistently find it available in bodegas, delis and pharmacies. It's my top pick on a very competitive list.

Happy drinking! (Please do so responsibly)

Gidon Coll