AlternaBeer: Sin in a Bottle Maybe Adam & Eve were on to something

by Alicia Eichelman

With summer winding down and fall just around the corner, your palate may be yearning for something different than the seasonal light-bodied wheat ales, but perhaps it isn’t quite ready for the German-styled Oktoberfest brews just yet. Lucky for you, something sinfully delicious has come our way via the Big Apple.

Inspired by the New York City experience, this premium cider is as lively as its origins. Original Sin Hard Cider is a gluten-free, 6% ABV cider made from domestic granny smith apples. This beverage is all natural, containing no artificial flavors or colors, keeping the taste of the apples its most prominent ingredient. Both light and refreshing, while remaining wick edly complex, it is a stellar alternative to our favorite beverage on those lingering hot days and nights.

Original Sin Pear Cider was also recently released, although not yet in our area. Original Sin Hard Cider can currently be found in drafts and bottles at your favorite local hangouts including: McGillin’s Ale House, South Philly Tap Room, The Foodery, Bella VIsta Beer Distributor, and more.

So go ahead, sin a little. It is, after all, only natural.

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