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In the spring of this year, Original Sin founder Gidon Coll planted a small orchard on his family’s old dairy farm in the Hudson Valley. The orchard features 30 varieties of apples including heirloom apples such as the Newtown Pippin, Roxbury Russet and Harrison Crab as well as U.K. cider apples such as Kingston Black, Ashmead’s Kernal and Yarlington Mills. The orchard contains several unusual apple varieties, including Kazakh apple trees (apples are believed to originate from the Tien Shan Mountain range in Kazakhstan). Next year, the orchard will be doubled to include 60 varieties of apples from 8 different countries. The majority of the apples planted have traditionally been used for hard cider production.


Building the Original Sin Orchard

Building the Original Sin Orchard

Hard at work, digging in the Original Sin Hard Cider Orchard