A Pioneer in Producing Dry Traditional U.S. Ciders


Our roots

In 1996, Gidon Coll set out to create a traditional dry American cider, one that would have made our foundering fathers raise a toast.  At the time, hard ciders were not readily available in New York City bars and restaurants. The ones which were on the market, tended to be sticky sweet.

In order to develop his recipe, Coll immersed himself in the history and the craft of cider. He experimented. He fermented batch after batch in a small upstate New York winery. He sought counsel from a local wine expert and from the owners, bartenders and patrons of bars he frequented in New York City’s Lower East Side and East Village. He collected feedback from everyone he knew, adjusting and tinkering with his cider until it was clean, crisp, and practically perfect.  Then he enlisted friends to painstakingly hand-label bottle after bottle. He lugged cases and cases in and out of NYC's subways, delivering bottles to establishments of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

And it wasn’t long before Original Sin began receiving wide acclaim from sources as diverse as The New York Times, New York Post, Paper Magazine and Market Watch.

Today, you can find Original Sin's unique, award-winning ciders in over 30 states, as well as overseas in the U.K. and Japan. 

Original Sin Cider is proudly 100% independently owned and operated.  All OS products are made using freshly pressed New York grown apples.